Friday, September 16, 2011

Apparently i was a spammer?

I was told I was a spammer and was unable to post or comment for quite awhile. I hope this is all better now.

Just letting anyone who cares, know!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving On...

I changed around my place because I didn't like the setup. Now that I changed it, I still don't like it. I'll be buying a dining room table within the next couple of weeks and can't wait! Yahoo. After that, I'm going to save up all of my pretty pennies to by myself a nice bedroom set. That is something that I have never really had. Right now, my garments are sitting in a plastic bin, not such a fabulous place for such sacred items.

I'm preparing to go to Utah, yahoo. I can't wait. Ironic enough, I am not taking any clothes with me either because since the Nihipali's are going shopping the day they arrive, I figure that I might as well buy clothes while I'm there because they will have really cute good modest clothes that are on clearance from their summer that I can funny enough wear here in AZ during my winter =D. So, I'll just buy clothes there.

I think I'll take a pair of garments with me and buy 3-4 sets while I'm there, I might as well do it since I'll be there too. New clothes for a new life and a fabulous trip. I can't wait.

PJ and Toni will be watching Kale while I'm gone. They are soooo sweet to do so, they'll swim and use the TV and DVR while I'm out too to make it look like someone is home. Its all good. They can eat whatever they want if they can find food that fits their fancy, cheese and nachos is about all they'll find at my house =D

I'm getting ready to leave work for the day and I'm going to rent a couple of movies and get ready for the RS Broadcast tomorrow with dinner and dessert with it all and then the primary presentation on Sunday and my first primary lesson. I'm ssooooooooooooo excited.

My bishop gave me an awesome article about adversity and it was to me hilarious, ironic and sweet, which made me cry and I'd share it with you now but I can't remember the title nor the author, its at home. It was lovely.

Gotta go, I have a few things at work to do still.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm sooooooooooo excited

I bought a ticket this morning to go see Les Mis. If I hadn't bought the ticket now, I would never get a good seat or even get in on a Friday night. I'm in the 7th row on the floor by the orchestra and can't wait! The performance is Friday, Jun 10, 2011 @ 7:30 PM.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aukai's first day of school

Everything went great. He loves being in school!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new place

check out my blog if you google karen nihipali wicke'll see that my place is coming together...oh heck, why not, I'll put a few pictures here too since nobody else will see it or even both to read it.
Living Room from standing by sliding glass door to the patio
Living room from standing in the dining room
Living room from standing in the doorway of the master bedroom